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PRenatal massage

Total Women’s Health of Baltimore has a full-time, certified massage therapist who will give you a complimentary massage while you wait to see Dr. Oliver. You may also book longer sessions. Discover the physiological, metabolic and emotional benefits massage provides expectant mothers. Prenatal massage helps to reduce muscular tension, stimulates peristaltic activity (to reduce constipation), reduces overall pain, increases venous and lymphatic circulation, helps to reduce blood pressure and swelling, and relieves stress and elevates mood. Relieve headaches, ease nausea, reduce fatigue, alleviate backaches, relieve leg cramps, reduce swelling, enhance sleep, ease foot and leg pain and change to a more comfortable posture with your complimentary prenatal massages. Experience a happier, healthier and more enjoyable pregnancy at every visit.
Total Women's Heath of Baltimore
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