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NEW MOM to BE...

Welcome to Total Women's Health of Baltimore!

We are happy you have chosen us to be your healthcare provider during your pregnancy.  We are eager to go through this exciting time with you! A normal pregnancy would include 13 office visits and routine postpartum care.  You will also have AT LEAST 2 ultrasounds during your pregnancy.  We are including a list of what to expect and how to handle certain situations that may come up during your pregnancy.  Please take the time to read over it and keep it throughout your pregnancy. 


Your maternity global fee does not include lab fees, sterilization or ER visits that pertain directly to the pregnancy or hospital admissions other than delivery. Please understand that we try to eliminate any unnecessary testing and will only perform what is necessary for you and your baby.  If you have any questions please feel free to contact us using the information listed above.  Please also contact your insurance company so you understand your financial responsibility through this process.


Here is some great information you can download/print  about the Pregnancy process and things to prepare for your little one: 

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Total Women's Heath of Baltimore
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